The Billing and Financial tools in LinenMasterNet are designed to provide an accurate and integrated solution for managing the entire financial process. Take advantage of detailed audit trail records to monitor and insure accuracy. Define customer contracts; facilitate charges for deliveries and receives; generate invoices, backup reports, and statements; and track receivables, all in one integrated system. Choose from a variety of invoicing methods and formats to suit your needs.
Benefit from complete integration of order entry, delivery, invoicing, and accounts receivable
Handle the simplest to most complex billing models
Automatically track and report taxes by jurisdiction, customer, and county
Experience complete integration of revenue and expenses to provide detailed profitability by route, customer, and item
Manage both global and customer specific contracts
Facilitate on-route stocking adjustments while automatically updating charges
Use a mobile device to document receipt of payments at the customer location
Automatically integrate accounts receivable with most major accounting packages