The Inventory Management tools in LinenMasterNet are designed to help you do business your way. A comprehensive list of features provides you with the means to manage delivery requirements at many levels including: route, depot, customer, delivery or cart, to name a few. Exercise your ability to monitor soil to clean ratios, track containers, garments, and other uniquely identified assets, process, and track sterile packs, and insure delivery accuracy each step of the way.
Track garments or other assets at plant and at customer, with barcodes and RFID tags
Integrate soil counting, scrub dispenser and garment sortation systems
Insure delivery accuracy with integrated scale interfaces and quality control
Automatically create depot and summary route orders
Automatically distribute linen into carts to optimize customer orders and truck capacities
Exploit multiple methods for acquiring required quantities
Track circulating inventory quantities and values
Track soil weight and provide clean/soil analysis
Facilitate sterile pack production and tracking