LinenHelperNet is our powerful, web based linen management software solution, which delivers an exceptional level of service. Using LinenHelperNet’s data input and reporting features, linen managers can easily maintain detailed records of item quantities, weights, and charges for order restocking. We have fashioned LinenHelperNet to accommodate even the busiest, most complex facilities. Whether your facility utilizes outside linen support or an on premise laundry, LinenHelperNet is sure to make your daily accounting procedure quicker and easier than ever imagined.
Access your information from any workstation connected to the internet
Pinpoint cost and usage excesses by order, department and customer
Use today’s restocking quantities to generate tomorrow’s bulk linen requirement
Input daily stocking counts, calculate item delivery requirements and print pick forms
Create dynamic usage and utilization reports quickly and accurately, based on the customized options you select
Compare patient day information to target data (National Averages, department goals, etc) that you provide
Integrate mobile devices to improve productivity and increase data accuracy
Manage circulating inventories by injecting and retiring linen and recording physical inventory quantities
Track receipts and deliveries to and from the linen room and laundry by items and weight