? Linenmaster - Mobile Solutions
The Mobile device tools in LinenMasterNet are designed to help conduct and manage your business from the road. Your drivers can use a smartphone or tablet to enhance the delivery transaction, record payments, and secure proof of delivery. With built-in GPS, management can track trucks’ progress to improve efficiency and incur cost savings. Management can access customized dashboards and reports, keeping in touch with your company’s data, performance, and trends, whether in the office, in the plant, or on the road.
Use smartphones and tablets on route to capture delivery events as they occur
Receive reminders from the office and document customer communication
Capture customer's signature with time stamp and geolocation to verify on time delivery
View and instantly email adjusted receipts while on the route
Record cash and checks received while on the route
Facilitate on-route stocking adjustment at the time of delivery, while automatically adjusting charges
Scan customer garment inventory using barcodes or RFID tags
Scan delivered and received containers at customer locations
Use GPS to track truck progress, verify authorized versus unauthorized stops, and link seamlessly to mobile mapping applications
Receive email and text message alerts when critical milestones are not met