The Production Management tools in LinenMasterNet are designed to help increase labor efficiency and effectiveness. Production information is captured in real-time, allowing operators and managers access to up-to-the-minute progress reports. Eliminate the need for manual data entry with automated data capture and payroll import capabilities. Profit from the ability to automatically capture utility resource consumption to better manage demand and reduce costs.
Automatically collect production statistics for each workstation, machine, and operator
Automatically read utility meters to monitor and track resource consumption
Punch in and out of machines using employee assigned smartcards
Import payroll hours and costs from payroll and time clock systems
Employ large screen dashboards throughout the plant to enable operators and supervisors to monitor production
Automatically notify supervisors when production falls below standards
Plan and review labor capacity versus order status to insure timely completion of orders and tasks
Compare actual productivity and efficiency against employee, task, and machine standards
Analyze daily key labor performance indicators including PPOH, overtime and much more