The Route Management tools in LinenMasterNet are designed to provide the flexibility needed to streamline your operations, while reducing delivery routing costs. The built-in address verification, and robust mapping tools provide the means for optimizing routes, improving fleet efficiency, and enhancing overall customer service. Integrated GPS functionality allows you to utilize a mobile device with GPS capabilities to communicate with drivers and monitor driver whereabouts, stops, and driving speeds.
Use GPS to track truck progress and verify authorized versus unauthorized stops
Use smartphones and tablets on route to capture delivery events as they occur
View and manage pinned maps by route, customer, and stop sequence
Validate and automatically geocode customer addresses
Create dynamic truck load sheets and customer delivery receipts
Use dashboards and reports to monitor stop time and duration
Schedule deliveries on any day and with varying frequencies
Appoint automatic changes in delivery frequency to match seasonal demand
Accommodate multi-location shipping points (plants and depots)
Integrate with 3rd party route optimizing tools