Enjoy the full benefits of LinenMasterNet with minimal startup expenses and rapid implementation. Our hosted solution requires less technical expertise than traditional software installations, allowing you to focus on the key areas that bring strategic value to your business. With LinenMasterNet, there is no need for costly servers, hardware space, and the ongoing cost for maintaining the IT infrastructure. Have peace of mind, knowing that CSA is the trusted partner backing your software solution and providing the expertise necessary to support LinenMasterNet.
Near zero startup expense of our software
No long term commitments, upfront costs, or 3rd party licensing fees are required
Software as a Service (SaaS) model; our prices are much lower than the purchase of our competitors’ traditional software licenses
Lower ongoing internal support costs
Low cost mobile and production hardware integration affords the right technology in the right place
LinenMasterNet runs on robust enterprise- grade equipment, housed in a world-class data center
Data is backed up throughout the day
Multi-plant, multi-location, multi-depot ready services: no VPN, Citrix or terminal services needed